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Flat Roof Emergency Leak Response

Call us while the leak is active. We will locate the problem and in most cases apply a temporary seal that reduces collateral damage. A quote for permanent repair is forwarded once the cause and solution are known.

Leak Prevention & Repairs
  • Lower your flat roofing costs
  • Reduce interior damage
  • Help avoid costly & premature flat roof replacement
  • Put you back in the driver's seat
  • Reduce your roofing headaches
  • Make your roof last longer!!!
  • Follow these four steps to a successful leak management program
Step 1: Notifying Roofco while it is leaking will save you money

The sad truth is that nothing lasts forever. Flat roof membranes, like everything else on your building begin to age the day they are made. Eventually they leak, it's natural and it's inevitable, so when it happens….…get the info and use the Roofco "Leak Report".

Gathering information early in the process is important for all, but particularly important for Property Managers and absentee landlords. The more information you get the more likely the leak will be found and the lower your costs will be. Some of the questions sound silly to the uninitiated but these simple answers can be crucial in identifying & eliminating leak points.

When your flat roof leaks, you need to know:
  • When it started?
  • Is this the first time for this particular leak?
  • Does it leak only when it rains?
  • What was the weather like when it started?
Step #2:  Find It While It Is Leaking. We’ll respond in any kind of weather

Most leaks can be found and stopped on the first call and they are best identified while they are active. The information gathered during the initial leak investigation is used to develop a planned approach to fix the current leak condition.

Step #3: Repair it …so it will not leak again.

The "Temporary Seal" which is applied to the identified leak point reduces collateral damage on the interior of the building and confirms the identified anomaly as the actual leak point. Making the right repair using compatible materials is a job for professionals. "Quick & Dirty Repairs" by untrained personnel leads to more expensive "additional" repairs, spot and/or complete replacement.
  • At Roofco only proper techniques and materials are used to accurately identify and repair leaks. We guarantee it!
  • When you deal with professionals you get the professional results you and your roof deserve.
Step # 4: Maintain It  …a $ 25 Repair can save you a $350 Leak Call.

The flat roof on your building is a significant asset and while Preventative Maintenance is not a new concept it is often forgotten if the roof is not actually leaking. Most preventative repairs are relatively inexpensive when grouped together. Significant cost savings occur when interior damage and more costly emergency repairs are avoided.

View a sample report that you would receive upon completion of a leak repair.