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Low Slope & Flat Roofing

Roofco has been in the commercial and industrial roofing business for over 20 years and in response to an overwhelming demand, has extended its service offering to include premier residential roofing solutions. Once again we have made use of our experience to select systems that will present both good value and the best overall roofing experience for our residential customers.

On the commercial side we offer anything from the standard Asphalt and Gravel roof through to more sophisticated one and two ply systems.  Residentially we can offer the same services however we strongly recommend the following systems for your consideration;

Residential Low Traffic Walking Decks: Single ply EPDM in 45 and 60 mil grades

This Vulcanized rubber membrane offers the ability to create a single membrane system the can encompass reasonably large areas under one solid sheet of waterproofing material. Provides good waterproofing in areas that will see little traffic or under properly built and supported walking decks. This product is excellent for applications in valleys, troughs and flat garage roofs.

Retro-Fitting Residential Applications: Thermal Polyolefin (TPO)

This single ply membrane has been well tested by the likes of Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Wallmart who have been using it for their roofing needs for some years now. Where seams are required or cost is a concern this membrane offers a hot air heat welded seam solution in a single ply membrane configuration. Low risk application and good long term performance make this our most popular membrane system. This product incorporates limited use of solvents and is suitable for retro-fitting residential applications. It is excellent for low slope or flat roof applications and offers high reflectivity and goods LEEDs performance.

High Traffic Areas: Two Ply Mod Bit or Rolled Roofing

This system can be applied directly to wood decks and in high traffic areas and in the industry is commonly referred to as two ply, heat applied modified bitumen felt. This product has seen extensive use over the past 20 years and is seen as a good performer in both high traffic and difficult access applications. The finished granular ceramic surface is walkable and UV resistant. Self-adhesive base plies and industry proven application techniques are used to ensure fire safety during installation.

Warrantees range from 2-20 years and from simple prorated material warrantees to full Watertight System warrantees for those who want long term worry free piece of mind.

Whether you`re considering a single ply, two ply or 4 ply solution, our experienced estimators can assist you in making the right choice.