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Flat Roof Maintenance Program

This program is designed for flat commercial, institutional or industrial clients who can't afford to endure work stoppages or damage to goods and materials. The program is a long term preventative program that involves three basic elements, including: a survey, a detailed summary of short and long term scheduled maintenance for the roof and finally an outline of costs associated within the Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program.

We conduct annual or bi-annual inspection & maintenance (as required) of the flat roof to ensure its long tern integrity and extend the life of the roof.

We work with the building management group to address the following criteria in the Flat Commercial Roofing Maintenance Program, including:
  1. What needs to be done now to stop leaks?
  2. What needs to be done now to prevent leeks?
  3. How long will my roof last if I do nothing…or … if I make repairs?
  4. When should I replace the roof and how much should I budget?
  5. Can I spread out the replacement cost over years?
  6. What can I do to improve the efficiency of the roofing system (R-Value)?
  7. Will an increase in the R-Value make it more cost effective to implement a new roofing system?
Answering these important questions will provide you with the information you need to make short and long-term decisions about your roof(s) and extend the life of your roof! Contact Roofco to learn more...