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Flat Roof Leak Inspection

In addition to our Flat Roof Emergency Leak Response and Leak Preventative & Maintenance Program we also offer a Flat Roof Leak Inspection program.  This program is designed for property managers and owners …and allows Roofco to visit a location in a non-emergency situation and investigate chronic or hard to find leaks that may not pose an immediate threat in terms of property damage.
Roofco schedules an appointment at the site of the leak and conducts a thorough leak investigation by reverse engineering the leak. We visually inspect the location where the leak or leaks are occurring and then begin to carefully follow the leak path back through the roof to determine the causes(s) of the leak.
During the investigation we take a number of photographs and maintain careful notes on the scope of the damage. This information is then contained within our ‘Leak Report” that includes our recommendations, photographs, the length of time it will take to make the approved repair(s) and anticipated costs for repair. This provides builders owners and managers with peace of mind and a clear understanding of the extent of the problem and its solution.
We then provide our client(s) with the Leak Report and our recommendations for the most cost effective approach to making the repairs to the roof. We will often include several repair options based what our Leak Investigation uncovers.  We then discuss the options with the property manager or owner and gain approval on any work prior to making the appropriate repairs.