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Commercial Roofing & Re-Roofing

Our over 20 years of Commercial Flat Roofing experience has taught us to listen to our customers and respond with proven technology that offers protection, durability, quality of workmanship and a commitment to offering value.  We have dedicated trained crews and equipment to respond to a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional flat new roofing; and re-roofing demands. For each client and flat roof we prepare a "Roofco Leak Report" that provides detailed summaries of the existing roof conditions and offer recommendations for making effective repairs.

New Flat Roofing & Re-Roofing

We offer free estimates for large scale new flat roofs and re-roofing. Once you contact Roofco we visit your location to determine the scope of work for flat re-roofing or new -roofing. This includes recommended timelines for installation, a  detailed report on the roof, along with photographs and additional recommendations.

Flat Roof Emergency Leak Response

Call us while the leak is active. We will locate the problem and in most cases apply a temporary seal that reduces collateral damage. A quote for permanent repair is forwarded once the cause and solution are known.

Flat Roof Leak Investigation and Preventative Maintenance Inspection

For those difficult to locate or chronic leaks we offer a more in-depth analysis incorporating innovative and proven techniques for leak location. Even more important, our Preventative maintenance inspections identify potential problems before they actually develop into a leak. Planned proactive repairs make for extended service life.

Flat Roof Leak Prevention and Maintenance Repairs

Our personnel are familiar with a broad range of flat roof systems and application methods. We offer a full spectrum of repair materials and techniques to deal with the any and all roof systems and leak conditions. They include but are not limited to the repair and/or replacement.