S.T.A.R. System

Aluminum railing

This powder-coated aluminum rail is virtually maintenance-free and requires no painting, sanding or staining.

s.t.a.r. system railing

The S.T.A.R. (Snap Tight Aluminum Railing) system is a unique line of railing and fencing components designed to assemble without the use of fasteners.

Advantages over all other conventional railing and fencing options:

  • interchangeable parts allow for unlimited fence and railing styles
  • immediate availability from stock
  • and multiple color schemes.

The S.T.A.R. System is revolutionizing the railing and fencing industry.

The key advantage of the S.T.A.R. System over conventional welded product lies in the patented method of assembly, without requiring fasteners or welding to fabricate panels. This allows instant delivery from stock and on-site measurement for accuracy on projects without the subsequent delay for factory production of the material. This means a contractor can measure, order, assemble and install the product in the same day.

The unique assembly procedure also provides flexibility in product styles and finishes while maintaining an end product that has a clean look with no unsightly screws on the railing and fencing sections. Because all the S.T.A.R. System’s components are interchangeable, multicolour systems can be supplied as quickly and easily as one colour products to accent or complement any project. An in-house paint facility enables them to supply both standard and custom colours quickly from stock raw material. Glass railings can also be produced using the same basic components as post and picket configurations, and are just as easy to install. There is virtually no limit to style and colour configurations. 

Stair railings, traditionally difficult to measure and fabricate, are not a concern with the S.T.A.R. System. The special pivots on the pickets allow instant installation for almost all stair configurations. In addition, a perfectly aligned and square finish stair rail is guaranteed. Again, as with the standard rail and fence sections, multiple colours can be specified.

Constructed of high-strength aluminum structural alloy (6005-T5) and coated with a polyester powder paint finish, the product is virtually maintenance free. Paint meets all relevant specifications for exterior construction to AAMA 603, including B117-73 salt spray resistance for use in coastal areas. Applied to an average thickness of 2.0 mils, the coating results in a finish that is extremely resistant to fade, cracking, peeling or abrasion.

The S.T.A.R. System’s snap assembly and stair pivot system help create the high strength and quality evident in all our products. The absence of welds, fasteners, and screws on the fencing and railing’s assembled panels contributes to the products clean and durable finish. For ease of distribution, all of the S.T.A.R. System’s components are shipped from the factory in compact bundles rather than bulky, pre-fabricated panels thus saving on freight cost and warehousing space.