Are birds causing damage to your business structure, machinery, automobiles, roof, or ventilation systems?

Bird droppings and nesting materials which are allowed to accumulate post a host of physcial problems which can become very serious if they are not corrected immediately.

Roofco is a certified installer for Bird Barrier, an eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier of bird control products and services. View our certification here.

Bird Barrier specializes in urban and natural bird control to effectively relocate pest birds humanely and without harm. They take pride in providing new and modern technology that improves successful bird control and prevents unwanted birds from landing, roosting or nesting in locations you need protection.

If pest birds are causing problems at your place of business, contact Roofco today.

We’ll assess your property and find the best possible solution for your space.


Bird Barrier can help you implement effective bird control methods to prevent birds’ access to hangers, concourses, food courts, parking garages, and other areas in order to keep passengers and personnel safe from unhealthy and potentially dangerous situations.

Retail, Big Box, Outdoor Malls

With foot traffic at a premium, image becomes everything. When birds pollute your sidewalk or soil your sign, your brand’s goodwill can be ruined in an instant. Protect your assets with bird control solutions for retail stores.

Medical facilities are supposed to make people well, but pest birds can play host to scores of internal parasites and infectious diseases. Protect your frontline care workers and patients with effective, modern bird control solutions.

High-rise buildings are an easy target for pest birds. From convenient balconies for pigeon nests to strategic perches for turkey vultures, we have the tools and the knowhow to provide discreet bird control solutions!

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than being bombarded by errant bird droppings. Materials from nesting birds and other debris can affect food safety in the restaurant sector. Protect your guests, livelihood, and image with simple bird control solutions from Bird Barrier.

Distribution, Loading Docks

Pigeons, sparrows and starlings roost and nest on beams, ledges, pipes and equipment under the protection of a loading dock or warehouse roof.

Protecting historic buildings from bird droppings is important so that the marble, stone, and brick facades aren’t irreparably damaged by uric acid and other caustic compounds. Bird-proofing the buildings requires effective bird deterrents and other bird control products to protect the buildings and mitigate health risks to humans.

Beaches, Marinas, Docks

Keeping seagulls and other types of birds off your boat or dock is challenging.

Without effective bird control products to deter birds from the marina and structures found along the coast and around inland lakes, pest birds and their bird droppings will cause damage to boats, boat covers, sails, piers, docks, and marine equipment.

Parking garages, and multi-level parking structures in particular, are prime real estate for bird nests.

Birds tuck nesting material into the nooks and crannies and on top of ledges that are commonplace in garages. You may hear from angry customers if bird droppings damage the paint job on their cars.

Kennels, Stables, Farms

It’s important to keep birds out of barns, shelters, coups, fisheries, stables, equestrian centers, kennels.

Birds can put your animals at risk by contaminating food and water, spreading disease, and damaging the buildings and equipment you use to nurture and protect them.


Are pest birds causing problems at your place of business?

Contact Roofco today.

We’ll assess your property and find the best possible solution for your space.