Maintenance contracts

Explore the Advantages of 
Roofco’s Maintenance Program 
and Discover How It Can Help Your Bottom Line

Your Building's Flat Roof... Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

But what happens when it leaks? Should you fix it? Replace it?

Are you just in time…or out of timeTake the first step.

All roofs fail.

It’s not a question of if

but when and how.

There is no mystery. We know how it happens:

  • Normal aging and wear from sun, snow, ice, rain and traffic on the roof
  • Severe weather conditions such as wind and heavy snow accumulation on the roof
  • Building movement from settlement, material contraction/expansion
  • Improper design
  • Poor construction
  • Irregular maintenance

Ignoring the first signs

of failure can

make things worse.

  • Increased damage to the building envelope and interior finishes
  • Loss of occupant productivity and comfort
  • Failure of structural integrity which can endanger occupant safety and threaten long-term asset value
office roof leak damage
water leak roof stains

Fixing leaks only as they

happen saves you money

right now ― or does it?

Dealing with leaks reactively results in a lot of little bills and no real sense of how long those repairs will be effective. 

Will the next leak require a quick fix or will you need to replace the entire roof?

The factors that cause roofs to fail wear on all elements at the same time. So, if one detail or element on your roof is failing, it’s just a matter of time before other elements start failing, too.

    All roofs need to be

    replaced eventually ―

    and they don’t come with

    a best-before date.

    But a qualified professional can

    • Advise you on the costs associated with roof maintenance
    • Give you an educated evaluation as to the anticipated lifespan with and without maintenance
    • Assist with the development of long-term roofing budgets and replacement planning

    Why choose



    A flat roof can be the most complicated, most severely tested and most expensive substructure in the entire building.

    Leaks are disruptive at best and even a well-orchestrated roof replacement can be onerous for those in the building.

    Regular inspections by trained roofing professionals can put you in the driver's seat.

    You can identify poorly performing items and choose to make repairs in a timely and cost-effective way.

    If it becomes necessary, you can also choose to budget both the cost and the timing of capital replacement to suit the needs of “your business.”

    They did an amazing job!

    “I wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the installation team. The team were hard workers and dedicated to doing a good job, even in the excruciating heat, they did an amazing job! Please ensure that you recognize them.

    Thank you again for your excellent service.”

    Linda B., Senior Program Manager, CIBC Corporate Services