commercial roof repair

No matter what kind of commercial flat roof you have, we have fixed one just like it!

Here is what you can expect when you call Roofco Ontario for your commercial roof repair:

Our service professionals have extensive experience and the latest technological tools to pinpoint the source of your roof leak.

We are available 7 days a week / 365 days a year.  We understand that many commercial roof repairs cannot wait. Your emergency is our emergency.

We’ll use the site contact information you provide to communicate directly with onsite personnel.  This ensures that we get all the right information and proper access. We’ll do the work and you’ll get the right information you need to manage your building.

Many leaks are not caused directly by a defective roof. Our technicians are trained to find leaks caused by HVAC, skylights, windows, siding, masonry, stucco, hot water tanks, sprinkler heads and condensation.

We will call you to ensure your satisfaction with our work and address any questions or concerns you may have.

No need to climb up onto your roof. Roofco will provide photos of the defects we find. You will receive a written report outlining what was wrong, what we did to fix it, what repairs remain to be done, a quotation and before-and-after site photos.

The ROOFCO Difference

Roofco’s team of experienced roofers specializes in commercial flat roofing.

All Roofco Ontario representatives are trained and certified professionals. Our team of roofing experts brings precision to every job and is skilled and adept at re-roofing and administering flat roof repair. Roofco Ontario even provides 24-hour emergency leak response. When your building is experiencing a leak, call us to find the source and stop it!

Roofco Ontario brings you the best brands at the best prices. Choose from manufacturers like Soprema, John Mansville, Carlysle and other quality roofing membrane makers without compromising on price. 

Roofco offers top-of-the-line roofing materials and services without the added premium. Make us the next roofer you call and we’ll make sure you won’t want to work with anyone else!


When your situation is an emergency, it’s imperative to find and eliminate leaks as soon as you can.

That’s why we offer Emergency Leak Response and Repair.

We’ll arrive within the same day and address the leak as soon as you discover it.

We understand that sometimes roof leaks can’t wait.

Our team includes experienced leak repair specialists. They can meet all your emergency leak repair needs. For roof leaks that just can’t wait, call Roofco as soon as you see the leak!

For Assistance After Hours
Call Roofco and be connected directly to our on-call manager. We’ll send our roof leak repair specialists right to you. Our trained and certified staff will be on your roof in no time!

They did an amazing job!

“I wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the installation team. The team were hard workers and dedicated to doing a good job, even in the excruciating heat, they did an amazing job! Please ensure that you recognize them.

Thank you again for your excellent service.”

Linda B., Senior Program Manager, CIBC Corporate Services

We were exceptionally happy with Roofco...

“Chris & Kyle were amazing and so very courteous and helpful, making sure we understood every part of the process and what was going on as the work progressed. How they both managed in the over -20 degrees exposed as they were? Over my pay grade!

We were exceptionally happy with Roofco and the work they accomplished under such extreme conditions.”

Richard & Sheila C.
via Kristeen Shannon, Property Manager, 
Bayshore Property Management